11 Reasons to Dab Marijuana Concentrates

If you’re a marijuana consumer, you certainly love the experience that you gain when smoking herb. It is an aroma that’s second to none. But, there’s a new way to consume marijuana, this one involving concentrates. If you want to try something new and exciting, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and join the crowds of cannabis consumers who love nothing more than a nice dab or two to mix with their weed. Read below to learn 11 of the biggest reasons you should use Cannabis Concentrates, whether it becomes a regular habit or an occasional extra that you enjoy.

1.    Dabbing is healthier than smoking marijuana, whether you choose to smoke from a bowl, a joint, a cigar, or other means. If you want to take all the steps possible to protect your health without sacrificing the 420 experience you enjoy, dabbing is the answer.

2.    Dabbing is fun no matter who you are or the length of time you’ve been consuming marijuana! Doesn’t really matter who you are or how long you’ve been smoking.

3.    The high that comes when you dab is second to none and one that you just will not obtain when consuming dry herb. It is far more intense than marijuana highs and it lasts longer.

4.    You can consume concentrates through several different options, including dab rigs, vape pens, and crumbled on top of your cannabis. 

5.    Concentrates have a more intense flavor than marijuana more often than not. It is unique and different but certainly a taste that you will enjoy.

6.    The high that you get when using marijuana concentrates is cleaner and fresher than what you’d get smoking regular cannabis.

7.    If you consider yourself an herbalist and a marijuana connoisseur, why not try out concentrates at least once? You deserve to have the experience to know firsthand what it is like.

8.    It requires less product to obtain results when using marijuana concentrates. If you’re on a strict budget, you’ll certainly get more for your dollar when using concentrates.

9.    Notice that your tolerance to regular cannabis is increasing and you don’t get the same high and feeling as you once did? It happens to the rest of us. You can stop smoking for a few days to resolve the problem but who wants to stop smoking when there’s such a great alternative?

10.  DIY concentrates are easy to make if you live in a legal state. Making concentrate is always fun and saves money and time.

11.  Everyone else is using concentrates who loves marijuana and so should you. Smoker sees; smoker does. It is an unwritten rule.

So there you have it: 11 of the biggest reasons why dabbing marijuana concentrates is something that you shouldn’t wait to do any longer. Of course, this is only a short list of the many reasons to dab and there are many others we’ve not mentioned here. Marijuana fans across the country understand how magnificent dabbing and say they wouldn’t miss this experience for the world.