The Price to Partake

Whether you’re visiting colorful Colorado with the sole intention of purchasing/trying marijuana or are a resident of the state who’s ready to partake in the herb, you probably want to know how much money it’s going to cost. Colorado weed prices are not set in stone and there are many factors that determine how much you’ll spend to partake. Some of the things that influence the costs of your marijuana include:


Marijuana strains have some cool, interesting names and their own THC/CBD levels that affect the quality that you’ll gain from using the product. Many dispensaries separate their strains based upon its quality. The better the quality, the more expensive it is to buy. Most smokers agree it’s worth paying the couple extra dollars to purchase one of the more quality strains. However, if you’re a casual or new smoker, one of the bronze strains might suffice.


It is legal to consume marijuana anywhere in Colorado. It is not legal to buy marijuana anywhere in the state. When marijuana laws passed in the state in 2013, government left it up to each city to decide if they’d sell marijuana. Only a handful of cities and towns declined the offer (Colorado Springs the biggest) to sell. Each city/town also set their own taxes and fees for cannabis, which can be 20% or more in some areas.


Each dispensary prices their herb independently, therefore can determine the amount that they want to charge. It is ideal to do your research before purchasing cannabis from any Colorado dispensary. You might be quiet surprised at the big differences in price from one dispensary to the next!


Buying your weed in larger quantity will save some serious cash.  By the gram, expect to pay $10- $20. However, buy an eight, a quarter, or even a half or an ounce and the prices diminish significantly.  Keep in mind that taxes (usually a minimum 10%) is added to each purchase so it can make even a ‘cheap’ purchase feel expensive.

Colorado weed pricesfirst to legalize


Coupons for weed? You bet! Before you head to the dispensary to buy cannabis in any amount, check out the cannabis guidebooks and deals online to snag a money-saving coupon. There are always great coupons and special offers and using a coupon to buy weed feels, well, kind of special. Dispensaries also hold their own special sales and discount days, so check them out.

The Price That You Pay

Colorado sells both recreational and medical marijuana. The state was the first to legalize recreational marijuana nearly 6 years ago. The state has brought in a considerable amount of money that’s helped pay for various fees, from those related to schools and education to social issues such as homelessness that would have otherwise been unavailable. So, no matter where you shop for cannabis or the amount of money that you spend, rest assured that you’ll enjoy the pleasures awaiting you – and feel good that you’re helping a good cause!